Rainlink’s software transforms the way irrigation users manage water, administer operations and serve their needs in an innovative, modular and scalable way. Our systems enables you to plan, manage, and deliver realistic outcomes.

Our assistance package covers:

  • Basic components of a surface system
  • Flow rate and volume calculations
  • Head and head loss
  • Supply system design and maintenance
  • Distribution efficiency
  • Uniformity of water application
  • Infiltration of water applied
  • Field application efficiency
  • Surface drainage and reuse systems
  • Watertables
  • Drainage

Our training is performance based…we cover

Introduction to metering
Environmental impacts of irrigation
What meters measure
Where to put the meter
Select the right meter

Storage and distribution
Introduction to storage and distribution
Efficient distribution
Efficient storage
Reduction of loss in storage

Benchmarking and water budgeting
Irrigation benchmarking and water budgeting
Irrigation benchmarking
Water budgeting
Sample water budgets

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